There’s no one on Social Media who doesn’t love getting more followers. Everyone craves for more and more followers. The social media, these days works upon the basic principle or rule,i.e, the more followers a person has, the more views and likes his posts get, the more viral his story will get. Everything depends upon the number of followers you have.

The recent case of Priya Prakash is the testament of this fact. Priya Prakash Varrier became a star overnight. She even made a new record by becoming the first Indian celebrity to gain more than a million followers because of her expressions. Now, every video or picture she posts, never fails to go viral on Social Media.

We all know that our Prime Minister Modi, is very famous on twitter and has more than 41 million followers. Last year, Modi became was rewarded as the most followed world leader on Twitter. But according to recent Twitter audit, a bitter truth has came out infront of the world.

As per the recent Twitter audit, it was revealed that Prime Minister Modi’s 60% followers are fake, which also means only 16 million followers out of 41 millions are real and rest are all fake.

Prime Minister Modi gained more than 7 million followers.Everyone was stunned at the massive jump in number of followers.

But our Prime Minister Modi isn’t the only one in list with the fake followers. Leaders like Donald Trump, Pope Francis, are also following the queue with many celebrities.

While Donald Trump has 37% fake followers, Pope Francis has 59% of fake followers.

If you are wondering about the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, then he is also on the list with 36 Lakh fake followers.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift are also in the list of having fake followers, Kim Kardashian having 44% of fake followers and Taylor Swift with 19% of fake followers.

According to a report by, Outlook Magazine, this fact was brought into highlight that these fake followers are not real humans but are internet bots.

Sometimes, Internet seems like a very ugly places, because of things like this.

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