This Slum In Mumbai Looks Like A Colourful Italian Village Now. Here’s How It Happened


For the ‘privileged’ section of the society, slums are a big no. Societies and apartments that are near slum areas are mostly rated very low on the property scale. In crowded cities like Delhi and Mumbai, there are a lot of slum areas but they are distributed in such a way that the “upper class” don’t get to see them much.


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But, in the ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai, Chal Rang De‘ have started an initiative which can improve the life of people who live in slum areas and give them a new ‘bright’ hope.

In a beautiful and “colourful” makeover, Asalpha village in Ghatkopar (Mumbai) is now covered with colourful walls and cartoon characters. And it is looking beautiful. 

‘Chal Rang De’ organisation and its volunteers have done a great job for the people of Asalpha. The team has painted over 170 walls with the help of more than 750 volunteers and transformed the slum into a beautiful place.

According to reports, Dedeepya Reddy, the founder of ‘Chal Range De’ decided to change the entire perception people carry about slums using colourful paints.

“It started as our aim to change people’s perception of the city slums while also spreading happiness through art and colour,” Dedeepya Reddy said.

After this beautiful and colourful initiative, the people of Asalpha slum have stopped littering and spitting on the walls.

Thanks to Chal Rang De, the future looks beautiful, and colourful. 

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Images source: Chal Rang De