This One And A Half Year Will Define This Indian Team: Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma hosted the last event of their wedding functions on 26th December 2017, in Mumbai. And now, he is back to business because Team India will face a huge test in South Africa in the coming weeks.


Virat Kohli will once again the lead the Indian Cricket Team on the field in a Test series against South Africa.

Ahead of the team’s departure, Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri addressed the media and talked at length about the challenges of playing in South African conditions and how Team India are prepared for the challenge.


The first cricketing question related the South Africa tour was on India’s bowling unit. And this what the Indian captain had to say:

“Bowling has come a long way, batting has come long way. We try to do well than the last time. It’s a opportunity for us to go back again. Try to the same thing in much better way.”

When asked about preparations leading to overseas tours, this is what the Indian captain said:

“You need to take up the challenges while traveling to places like South Africa, England and Australia because you go there once and then you won’t travel there for a long time because of the way scheduling is done. It’s an opportunity for us.”

Talking about the challenging conditions in South Africa, Virat Kohli said that conditions will be testing but this one and a half year will define this Indian team. He also added that whole team is aware of this.

“The conditions would be testing but this one and a half year will define this Indian team and the whole team is aware of this. It all depends on the mind set of the batsman. Any condition can be tricky if you are not in a good frame of mind. It’s important to take up challenges mentally and then every condition seems like home condition.”

Virat was also asked about Ravichandran Ashwin and how he will cope up with difficult conditions for spinners in South Africa.

“Ashwin is an experienced bowler and he is trying to experiment somethings. He is just looking to add an element to his bowling,” Virat Kohli said. 

Virat was also asked about his return to cricket and he said that switching back to cricket is not difficult at all.

“I was away for thing which is important. Switching back to cricket is not difficult at all. I have been training, somewhere in the head South Africa was in my mind,” the Indian captain said.