This Man Wore Same Clothes To His Second Wedding And Here’s How His Father-In-Law Caught Him


Clothes more than necessity have became an identity of a person. We rely on clothes for so many reasons now other than just a necessity to cover our body, for example, it helps us in making an impression. Different types of clothes helps us in differentiate whether a person is going to a casual event, or for office or even a wedding.

How weird it may sound but in some cases, clothes can even reveal that a person was previously married or not.


Well, yes, it actually happened and it was revealed by the new father-in-law of that person. The father of a newly wedded bride was coming back home after the vidaai of his daughter.


While going through all the congratulatory messages, he came through a picture, where his son-in-law was standing and posing in the same ‘sherwaani’ but with another bride. Have a look:

After that, the angry father reached the groom’s house around 2 am, with millions of questions building inside him. Turns out, Sohail Sayyed, the groom had already married his long term girlfriend 6 months ago but had not disclosed the wedding in his family because they were against his marriage.

According to a report by Midday , the groom remained quiet even when his parents arranged his marriage with another woman who lives in the same locality in Malwani, where the boy lives.

And the fact that he wore the same clothes to his second wedding, which he wore on the first, revealed his truth.

The father of the bride immediately went to lodge a complaint in the nearby Police Station but the Police refused to file an FIR and only filed a non-cognisable (NC) offence. It was only It was only after a family friend and local BJP politician intervened, that the FIR was registered.

However, by this time the accused had already fled. Later when the police investigated, they found that the picture was send from Andheri where the first wife of that man lived. Now speculations are been made that the image was sent either by the first wife or her relative. While searching for the accused groom, police went to another reception but this time, it was the brother of the accused groom who was getting married.

According to latest developments, a case under section 420 (cheating), 406 (criminal breach of trust) and 495 (concealment of former marriage) of the IPC has been registered against the absconding groom.

We can’t even imagine the mortifying pain both the girls and their families might be going through. We hope that justice gets served.

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