This Man Exposed How Cab Drivers Harass Their Customers


When cab service started in India, we got a great relief from the day to day harassment that we had to face from the autowaalas.

With the wide range of services, it became a whole lot of easier for us to travel from one place to another.


But with time, customers had to face a lot of harassment from these cab drivers as well. If we go through the social media, almost each and every day we find a new story in which we see how a customer or a passenger has been harassed by the cab driver.

In one of the recent cases, Uber which is a highly popular cab service company had to face one such case. A person named Jp Muduli posted a complaint of Facebook page of the company.

He reported that he was conned by the driver and did not even got any help when he contacted the Uber support.

Reportedly, he booked a cab on 24th November from Bengaluru airport with the payment method of Paytm. In front of the toll gate the driver demanded money from him but at first he refused.

But, eventually he had to give cash as the driver said that he won’t go any further. The driver said that he will cancel the Paytm payment but it did not happen.

Muduli had to pay both the cash and from his Paytm account as well. When he tried contacting the Uber support he did not got any help from them. He paid Rs 871 in cash and from his Paytm account as well.

As this is a very unfortunate incident and this should not be repeated again. We really hope that some major action is taken against this driver.