This Is How Much Taimur Ali Khan Net Worth Will Be When He Turns 18


Taimur Ali Khan is one of the most popular and loved celebrity kid in India. He has a huge fan following all over the internet and every time his pictures is uploaded on social media, netizens go crazy and the picture goes viral.


It is even said that he is the cutest celebrity kid in the country. The cute little Nawab of Pataudi family enjoys a number of Instagram fan clubs, already. 

Being the Nawab of Pataudi family, his birthday celebrations cannot be like an ordinary kid. No, it does not work that way. Taimur’s birthday party will be celebrated in the grandest way possible and all the B-town biggies and their kids will attend the extravaganza. 

The ‘royal’ couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have already arrived at the Pataudi Palace in Bhopal and there is already huge excitement among the people of internet about Taimur’s birthday. 

Net Worth: Pataudi Palace

The huge Pataudi Palace situated in Bhopal will all be the little Taimur’s property once he turns 18. The property is worth almost Rs. 800 Crore and the cute Nawab will take over things on 20th December 2035 i.e. when he turns 18. 

Inside Pictures of Palace

For the first time, we are bringing the inside pictures of Pataudi Palace. The palace goes by the name “Ibrahim Kothi”. It onsists of 150 rooms, including 7 grand bedrooms, 7 grand dressing rooms and 7 billiard rooms for the Nawabs.

Designing of Pataudi Palace

The build order of the palace was passed by Iftikhar Ali Khan, grandfather of Saif Ali Khan. Including all the boundaries and areas, the Palace constituted an area over 10 acres.

The designing of the palace was done by the world famous designer Robert Tor Russel. It will be a scene to watch, when the small Taimur gains the knowledge of all this property, belonging to him.

Information source: Laughing Colours