The Indian cricketer, Mohammed Shami has been surrounded by ugly controversy these days. Recently, the cricketer got the biggest shock of his life and that too from his own wife. As we all are aware how his wife has accused him on the grounds of having multiple marital affairs at the same time.


Hasin Jahan not just accused him but also leaked his dirty explicit chats with many girls online and shamed him publicly.


She has also revealed that Mohammed Shami was torturing her for years, mentally and physically both. She also claimed that the family of Mohammad Shami has also tried to kill her.

The couple have a cute daughter together named, Aiyara. The father of Hasin Jahan is in the transport business in Kolkata. Hasin Jahan is a graduate and has been a cheerleader for Kolkata Knight Riders.

Mohammed Shami has playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in the years 2012-2013. They both met during the IPL matches. Mohammad Shami fell in love with Hasin Jahan at first sight.

The couple dated for a few times and tied the knots after a few time in a closed ceremony.

However, Mohammad Shami has declined all the allegations made by her wife and said someone has created a trap for him.

Furthermore his wife has also accused him for match fixing, because of which BCCI has dropped their contract with Mohammad Shami.

We really wonder where this case is going towards.

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