Cold wars or cat fights between our Bollywood actresses is not a new thing. Time and again we have heard and read stories about how a few actress can’t stand each other’s presence in the same room. Well, these cat fights are mainly because of work and their love interests.


And as we all know that Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone don’t get along very well, and the reason is no secret, to the world. They both have dated the same man, Ranbir Kapoor in the past. Although, none of them is in a relationship with the actor right now but their cold war is still on.


Deepika and Katrina, both can’t stand each other and avoid facing each other. There have been many incidents in the past which has revealed the uneasiness and awkwardness they both face when they are in the same room.

While as we thought, that their cold war might have ended today after the break-up of Katrina and Ranbir, an incident that happened recently, proved us wrong.

Since a few days, Deepika has been facing severe back pain, therefore, she decided to go to the fitness studio of Yasmeen Karachiwala, who is a well known celebrity trainer. Deepika wanted to undergo back-strengthening and the pain relief session called ‘Swan Dive’.

However, when she reached the studio she regretted coming there and took a u-turn.

The reason was very weird, Deepika saw Katrina’s car parked outside the studio. As Deepika didn’t wanted to face Katrina, she decided to come back later and took a u-turn.

We really wonder when their cat-fight will end. The cold wars of these actresses never fails to take us with surprise.

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