This Indian Guy Found A Land That Belongs To No Country And Claimed It As His Own Kingdom


An Indian boy owning a piece of land in Egypt is a prestigious moment for all of us. Yes, this is shocking news for all. But this is not a joke. The land is named as “The Kingdom of Dixit”.

The whole thing was very much well planned by Dixit to conquer the land .This a story about Suyash Dixit who is now the owner of a land in Egypt which is unclaimed.


The land of Bir Tawil is a 795 mile square patch on the border of Sudan and Egypt. In this land there are no roads or permanent residents here.


The whole plan that he had framed was not at all an easy one. The route was quiet a dangerous one as it was an international border.

This route was under the vigilance of the Egyptian Military as this was a terrorist zone and the militaries have “shoot at sight” orders. He required special permission in order to enter this route. Three conditions were given to him; no photography should be back within a single day ad don’t carry any valuables.

Becoming the ruler of a country is one of the biggest achievement. Owning a piece of land that also in Egypt is a quiet a proud moment. Few details about “The Kingdom of Dixit”:

  • Name: The Kingdom of Dixit
  • Current population: 1
  • Capital: Suyashpur
  • Ruler: King Suyash
  • Date of establishment : 5th nov,2017
  • National animal: lizard (this is the only animal he has found there)

So Suaysh Dixit is announced as the president of this land and a successful owner of this place.