This Girl Has A ‘Doll-Like’ Face But Still No Boy Dares To Propose To Her. Here’s Why


A doll faced girl would captivate anyone with her looks. That’s perhaps the most adorable kinds of a girl. But what when a cute doll faced girl has muscles which can give any man a run for his money?


Yes we’re talking about one of the most popular power lifters among girls. Julia Vins a 19 year old girl with a fragile and cute face but the muscles of her arms and legs can put any guy to shame.


Julia comes from Russia and has a unique personality altogether. There are many Russian girls who seem like an adorable porcelain doll but Julia Vins has the most interesting body. A pretty face of a naive doll and biceps which can break anyone’s jaw, that is Julia Vins is all about. She’s impressed everyone with her pictures that she’s posted.

In these pictures she can be seen working out to maintain her fitness and enhance her muscle strength. All those pumped up muscles and such a cute doll like face, Julia Vins is one of her kind.

Julia revealed that initially she stated to work out only to be stronger and gain some self confidence. Never did she thought of becoming a professional power lifter but she ended up being one. In her first year of training she trained without any clear workout program. Then she took to being a power lifter.

Here are some pictures of Julia Vins while sweating it all out

How’s that for a rear view? Be scared, fellas, very scared.

Look at those triceps. Unreal, bro.

And how easily she lifts those heavyweights.

Beauty with a beast-like figure.

Jesus Christ! Look at those thighs.

And this one is for the camera.

So that’s how a gorgeous and adorable cute doll faced girl became a power lifter. Her personality is totally unique and distinguished. Let us know your views about this. Isn’t she just amazing?