This Girl Chopped Off Her Boyfriend’s ‘Private Part’ For The Most Stupid Reason


Love changes a person, it makes you a different person. It makes you do things which one can’t even think of. But love brings many other emotions with it too. Possessiveness and jealousy are one of those feelings that comes naturally with love.

But jealousy can be tricky, risky and dangerous altogether, if not controlled. Don’t believe us? Then here we have something that will make you believe.

Meet, Zhanna Nurzhanov, a 36-year-old madly in love girlfriend who chopped off the penis of her own boyfriend, after her boyfriend praised another woman.

Yes, you read that right and the reason behind this is as stupid as her act is. She was allegedly so furious at her boyfriend for sharing pictures of another woman with her sister, that she chopped off his penis.

Due to privacy reasons, the name of her boyfriend has not been revealed yet but the investigation revealed that the other woman, who’s pictures were shared by Zhanna’s boyfriend was merely an acquaintance.

Zhanna had already planned all this. She injected her boyfriend with local anesthesia in their home in Astana, Kazakhstan and waited for his boyfriend to go unconscious. Once he passed out, she chopped his penis.

This doesn’t stop here,once she chopped his dick, she took him to nearby hospital for treatment. After seeing the condition of her boyfriend, the doctors informed the police.

The doctors tried to reattach his organ but nothing could be done. Zhanna has been arrested by the police and she will serve three to six years in jail.

We hope her boyfriend recovers soon.

Well love surely makes one crazy! Now, you know why we said that jealousy needs to be controlled.

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