This Gangster Has Given An Open Warning To Salman Khan


Salman’s new movie Tiger Zinda Hai obtained immense success. Salman was enjoying the success along with other crew members and friends while celebrating New Year. The movie remained an interesting option for year-end celebration for the audience.


However, the enjoyable moments don’t last long. Same goes for Salman Khan. Previously he faced an issue regarding the release of Tiger Zinda Hai due to his usage of inappropriate words at a TV show, which hurt the sentiments of a certain caste. However, this time, Salman literally received a death threat.

Yes, you heard me right. Salman recently received a death threat from a criminal in Punjab. While he was present on 4th January 2018 in Jodhpur for the hearing of blackbuck poaching case, he received the horrific death threat. The death threat was given by one of the most notorious gangsters of Punjab, Lawrence Bishnoi.


The criminal Bishnoi has openly threatened to kill Salman Khan. It’s also found that he would do that in order to take revenge against the Punjab Police. Wandering what is the actual matter?

Lawrence Bishnoi has a good name in the crime world. There have been many criminal cases registered against him which include 20 cases of snatching, extortion, carjacking, and theft, as per the HT reports. It has been found that he was presented in the Jodhpur Court for the murder of a businessman named Vasudev Israni.

As per the allegations on him of murdering Vasudev Israni, he said that the allegations were false. He expressed that he was in jail when the murder took place.

Now, in order to take revenge against the Punjab Police, he said that he would murder Salman Khan in Jodhpur. He said that he would teach the Police a lesson.

He said that he would murder him(Salman Khan) in Jodhpur only. He also added that he would break through the custody whenever he wishes, however, he won’t do that anytime soon. He expressed his anger towards the Punjab Police by saying that since the police are willing to accuse him of murder, then he will surely do the same and the person he would kill will be Salman Khan.

It is also important to note that Bishnoi belonged to the Bishnoi community who filed the case against Salman Khan for killing Chinkaras. They possess natural hatred for him.