Seems like Chai walas have taken over the world. First a ‘chai-wala’ became the Prime Minister of our Country and has been ruling everyone’s heart,

and then came a chai-wala who became an internet sensation because of his looks, he was so hot that the number one modelling company approached him. Yes we are talking about Arshad Khan.

Now, another ‘chai-wala’ has made headlines. The reports are, a tea seller in Pune has set a benchmark for his competitors by earning Rs. 12 lakh per month.

Yes, this chai-wala is making Rs.12 lakh per month by making teas. His stall, Yewlee Tea Stall is the most famous tea stalls in the city.

Navnath Yewlee who is the co-founder of this tea-stall says he will make this stall an international brand very soon. Navnath told the leading media, “Unlike ‘pakora’ business, this tea selling business is also creating employment for Indians. This business is growing fast and I’m happy”.


Currently, this tea stalls have 3 branches or centers in the city and every center has 12 employees working in them.

News like these surely makes every Indian proud and we so wish that this tea stall becomes an international brand very soon, just like Navnath wants.

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