This Actor Has Been Selected To Play The Role Of The Great Khali In His Biopic


Daleep Singh Rana aka The Great Khali is one of the most sports personalities in India. When he made his WWE debut, the whole world was stunned with his size and power. He not only fought with some of the biggest WWE superstars ever but also defeated them and became the world champion.


The Great Khali was described as the eighth tallest professional wrestler in history in 2014 and the fourth tallest wrestler in WWE history in 2017. The Great Khali debuted in WWE alongside Daivari and had alliances with Ranjin Singh and Jinder Mahal, but spent most of his career as a singles wrestler and in 2007 he became WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion.

The Great Khali started his journey as a policeman and became very popular in his area for his huge stature and power.

You must have heard that Khali’s biopic will be released soon and it will tell us more about his journey.

You all must be thinking who will play the role of The Great Khali.

Building on his legacy of acting in biopics, it is being reported that Sushant Singh Rajput has been approached to play The Great Khali in his biopic.

It is also being reported that Sushant Singh Rajput will go through an extensive schedule of training. Also, VFX will be used to shape Sushant accordingly.