This 20 Year Old Boy Is Now World Famous For Turning Eggs Into Works Of Art. Legendary Stuff


Social media has allowed each one of us to share our talents with millions of people every day. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube allow us to share our art with the whole world and stand a chance to get famous in a matter of days, sometimes hours.


We, at, keep looking for such stories. Today, we have found a 20-year old student from Mexico who is world famous for turning eggs into works of arts.


Medical student Michele Baldini, 20, from Mexico, expertly turns his fried egg breakfasts into stunning works of art using just egg whites and yolk.

His Instagram account named “@the_eggshibit” has more than 11,000 followers and he has earned their followers in no time. Michele, who posts his pictures under the username, The Eggs-hibit, turns his fried eggs into countries, faces, symbols, animals and logos.


Michele told FEMAIL: ‘It all started a couple years a go when I tried to recreate a Yin Yang symbol that was made out of a fried egg. 

‘After that I kept getting ideas and they didn’t stop coming. Somehow the designs kept getting more elaborate. 

‘I used to post them on my personal account, but recently I decided to make one just for eggs. 

‘I’ve experimented with other foods and materials but eggs are by far my favorite.’ 


Let’s have a look at some of his best posts on Instagram. 












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