Darshan, 25 years-old, class 10th dropout was employed at a courier agency. The boy has defrauded the e-commerce giant, Amazon with Rs.1.3 crores in just 5 months.

The 25-year-old boy defrauded amazon, allegedly by rigging the card payments made through a tab that was provided by the Amazon. Darshan also involved his friends to order expensive products and used to deliver them product without any transaction of money being done.


Recently, four youths have been arrested for the same, namely Punith, 19; Sachin Shetty, 18; and Anil Shetty, 24, all are the residents of Chikkamagaluru. The police have seized the products worth Rs.25 Lakhs from them. The products that have been seized includes: 21 smartphones, a laptop, an iPod,an Apple watch, 4 bikes and so on.


The cops told that the fraud was unfolded between September 2017 and February 2018. In this period of 5 months 4,604 orders were made on Amazon from Chikkamagaluru city. And all these products were delivered by Darshan, who was working with the courier service named Ekdanta courier company, this company had an agreement with Amazon for the delivery of products and the collection of money.

Although, the process how he defrauded Amazon is still not clear but police said that the boy had tampered with the card payment system. One of the police officials said, “Amazon authorities came to know about this cheating at the time of their quarterly audit, which was conducted in February. They lodged a complaint with us. We have arrested four youths including Darshan. Two accused are absconding,” 

Naveen Kumar, who is a Senior Manager at Amazon lodged a complaint against Darshan alleging that the guys has cheated the company and has performed a fraud of Rs.1.3 crores.

The e-commerce giant, Amazon has provided the courier company a tab for making card related transactions and to update every delivery related information, the tab came with a card-swiping unit with it. However, the police is still to find how Darshan made every transaction and was successful in diverting the payment from Amazon.

The SP said:
“We suspect Darshan had tinkered with the tab and cheated the company by generating a false alert every time. To ascertain the modus operandi, we have sent the tab to the forensic lab,” 

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