24 Things You Should Never Ever Search On Google


Google can answer everything and it is one of the integral parts of our life. However, there are certain things which you better refrain from googling.

Be careful, seeding this one foot long spider eating a mouse can give you arachnophobia.


If you search for Snapewives, then you would find a subculture of the fans of harry Potter cherish of being married to Professor Severus Snape on a astral plane.


Searches like “Pressure Cooker bombs” and “backpacks led a man to be interrogated by the police.

Could you ever imagine someone removing a botfly from under his skin?

If you Google Red Pill, you would find movements on Man’s rights, which many critics have labelled as misogynistic.

Always be careful to type moth larvae instead of mouth larvae. The results would be terrific.

Jiggers flea lays eggs under your skin. Be careful before searching.

Searching for “Insider trading in an international account” is a punishable offence.

Searching for “Brazilian Girls” will show you certain waxing tutorials that are enough to give you goose bumps.

Never search of Bedbugs in Google.

Murder Island Thailand will lead you to know about the death of seven tourists in a small resort island. The stories are indeed terrifying and spooky.

It has been proven that the “Blue Waffle Disease” is nothing but a hoax but it still shows infected female genitals.

“I Love Dick” is such a thing which you would never find in the internet.

What is this “Full Frontal” is all about?

There is nothing in the world you would not find if you Google for “Things people have found in fast food”.

If you search for Belly Button Bugs, you would find numerous pictures of insect bies and infections in the navel.

It seems that Facebook is going to turn into astrologer.

If you think that searching for No sleep will cure your insomnia, then it is wrong. You would end up reading horrifying horror stories.

The term “Calculus bridge” has nothing to do with mathematics. Rather, it is about oral plaque and gum diseases.

Cancer has spreaded to such an extent, that no matter whatever food you search with the suffix cancer, the results will terrify you.

If you are not feeling well, then instead of Googling your symptom, please contact a physician.

FDA Defect Level Handbook will lead to all sorts of terrific things which you can have in food.

L-Cysteine is a type of bread which is synthesized from human hair collected from floors of salons.

GoT spoilers is enough to ruin your excitement for the next episodes.