These Unhealthy Everyday Habits Can Kill Your Sperm


Sperm count is a very important factor in a man’s fitness. And there are sperm killers all around us. From unhealthy food to unhygienic food, many things can reduce your sperm count.


You might have heard or read that a lot of unexpected things can lower your sperm count—some even say that drinking too much cold drink to sitting with a laptop for too long to wearing too-tight pants, anything could kill your sperms.

In this post, we look at habits that can kill your sperm count. Have a look, here:

1) Keeping mobile phone in your trousers

We often keep our mobile phones in pockets to avoid getting robbed but do you know that it can reduce our sperm count. Yes, in fact, it can kill your sperms. Doctors say that radiations that come from mobile, when close to the male reproductive parts, can kill sperms.

2) Keeping the laptop on your lap

Most of us work on laptops everyday and while lazying around, we keep it on your lap. But when you keep your laptop on your lap, testicles get warmed up. Testicles need to stay cool which is why they are present outside the body.

3) Hot showers

During winters, after a long day, we all have loving a hot bath. We can sit for hours in our bathtub or stand under the shower but it’s not good for your sperm count. The scrotum has a lower temperature as compared to other parts of your body and it is always advised to keep them ‘cool’.

4) Unhealthy Lifestyle 

Exercise is a must for a healthy lifestyle. You need to follow a  strict gym routine. Exercising at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes daily is effective in increasing your stamina, immunity, healing powers and overall fertility. And, if you ignore exercising, you might kill your sperms.

5) Self medication

We must never take medicine without consulting the doctor. There are certain medications that can affect your fertility and this is it is very dangerous for your sperms.

6) Wearing tight jeans

Slim and tight jeans are sometimes in fashion and some guys like wearing them but they are not good for sperms. They push your testicles close to the body due to which they heat up which we know is not good for your sperm.

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