Priya Prakash is the latest and perhaps the most viral of all internet sensations. Her looks and expressions are making every guy drool over her and guys can’t really help it. Her expressions are just so captivating for guys to have any control over their hearts and he wink in particular has got men going crazy. This internet sensation is making guys go gaga over her.


Manikya Malaraaya Poovi has touched skies of popularity not because of its lyrics but because of Priya Prakash. The video garnered 4 million views in just a little time and Priya Prakash’s followers on social media multiplied manifold in just a matter a a very short duration. She’s so graceful and perfect at winking that you just can’t help losing your heart to her. It’s almost as if she’s perfected the art of winking and her winks are giving sleepless nights to guys who’ve gone insane. SHE IS MAKING GUYS CRAVE HER LIKE ANYTHING WITH THOSE WINKS.

We’ve managed to get some more pictures of her lethal winks.


Here are the pictures that will make you crave for her even more.


1. 2.





Oh boy! Now these pictures are too hard to resist falling for her. She’s got the looks and the grace to make guys going crazy and we wonder what’s more in store. She’s giving the ravishing divas of Bollywood a serious run for their money.