Delhi’s idea of a cracker free Diwali was set to flames when the city forgot that this time their Diwali had to be cracker free. The very next day to Diwali the capital woke up wrapped in a blanket of smog and we are sure that all the people of Diwali would have felt suffocated and disgusted at the same.


Even though the larger faction of this smog was because of heavy stubble burning in the outskirts of the capital but crackers only aggravated the problems of pollution in New Delhi. Despite the SC’s ban on the sale of crackers in the NCR crackers were sold in Delhi through the back door and the honourable Supreme Court’s order was made a mockery of. Crackers free Diwali? Well not really!


AQI above 200 is considered and when the AQI is above 300 it is considered to be hazardous while in New Delhi during Diwali the AQI often crosses 300 and at times also 400 giving you an idea of how hazardous things get in New Delhi on the eve of Diwali.

Don't burst crackers, they said. Air would be cleaner, they said. . . . . #Diwali #Delhi #pollution #Skies #winter #environment

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Crackers were burst without any sense of responsibility towards the environment and the Air Quality Index plunged to severe levels as New Delhi continued to take the blunt of crackers and stubble burning around the city. After the Supreme Court’s order people in Delhi would have expected   better sight of the sky and a better quality of air to breathe but that was not to be. The pictures of New Delhi speak for themselves and Delhi’s despair against pollution.