Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul are facing a lot of backslash everywhere e after their recent appearance on the chat show, Koffee With Karan. Their outrageous comments on women has led to major outburst on social media.

Both the cricketers, especially Hardik Pandya made many sexists remarks on the chat show.From bragging about their lifestyle to their ugly remarks on women, there were many highs and lows on the show that didn’t go down well with the fans.The controversy gained so much light that both of them are now been suspended by the BCCI for two series.

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While the cricketers are going through a very rough phase in their career, the netizens have found a perfect topic that they can stretch and discuss for a long time.The netizens are slamming and trolling both the cricketers left and right.

However, what started as controversy has now turned into a “meme fair”. Social media is currently flooded with memes and trolls on Pandya and Rahul. The memes and jokes are so hilarious that you will find it hard to stop yourself from laughing.

Here, have a look at the some of the hilarious memes on Hardik Pandya’s controversy :


Hilarious aren’t they?

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