Social Media has become a very interesting place to be at. From showcasing our talents infront of the world to getting entertained, social media has become a major part of our day to day lives.

Every now and then we see something or the other getting viral on the internet catching the attention of netizens, from games like PubG to memes to weird challenges, keeps the netizens hooked with social media.


Now, a new challenge is keeping everyone hooked on the social media. The latest challenge that we are talking about here is #10yearchallenge and this trending movement involves posting a self picture from ten years ago, to show how you have changed in a decade.

From celebrities to normal people, the challenge is accepted by all, everyone is busy in posting pictures of themselves showing what difference a decade has brought in them.

Well, apart from this amazing concept behind this challenge, it has become a perfect meme material as well.Thanks to the creative minds on social media, Twitter is flooded with hilarious memes and jokes, which are too funny to be missed.

Here, have a look at some of the hilarious memes making rounds on the social media :



Hilarious aren’t they ?

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