These Are The 10 Most Viral Fake Stories Of 2017


As 2017 is coming to an end, looks back at some of the biggest fake stories that went viral on social media. Social media is the newest and faster form of media. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, news travels from one part of the world to another in a matter of minutes.


While, mostly, it helps in fast consumption of news, sometimes fake news/hoax also go viral because these are very big platforms and it is almost impossible to stop the flow once the story gets viral.

Let’s have a look at some of the most viral ‘fake’ stories of 2017.


1) This fake photo of new INR 200 note went viral. Because it seemed to have all the necessary security features and watermarks, people took it seriously and shared it huge numbers. 

2) A fake video of Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani’s wedding card went viral on After a couple of days, Reliance Industries Ltd quashed the news saying: “A fake video illustrating an alleged wedding card of Mr Akash Ambani – Board Member, Reliance Jio, is being currently circulated on various social media and instant message platforms. We would like to clarify that this video is completely untrue and contains hoax content designed purely for sensationalism.”

3) This picture went viral claiming that an astronaut clicked on Diwali. A Twitter user dug out and tweeted that the photograph was originally shared by the astronaut on his Flickr account on September 29, 2017, which means nearly a month before Diwali.  

4) One more fake picture of Golden Temple beautifully lit with lanterns during Diwali. However, later it was found out that it was photoshopped. But, before that many celebrities shared it and it went viral. 

5) This fake photoshopped picture of world leaders at G20 summit became netizens favourite meme. 

6) This picture is real but the story behind it is fake. 

7) Photo of a shark on the street that went viral during Hurricane Harvey in US went viral, but it too turned out to be fake. 

8) The seven-headed cobra viral video that collected millions of views was a fake one. 

9) The ‘zombie’ Angelina Jolie lookalike ‘after 50 surgeries’

10) Kiran Bedi tweeted a fake picture of monuments lit up in tricolour.