These 9 People Became Super Famous On Internet In A Matter Of Hours


Internet has become a very important platform for showcasing our talents in front of the world. Internet has given us so many hit-talents (and weird as well) that we don’t have the count. From Dhinchak Pooja to Vidya Vox, internet has a major variety of talents.

Apart from talents, Internet has made many faces popular. It has made regular everyday people a big hit because of their striking good looks. Have a look:


1.Arshad Khan :


Arshad Khan, the famous blue-eyed chaiwala of Pakistan made headlines when this photograph of him went viral on the social media. As soon as the picture caught eye, he started received modelling contracts for his looks. He has become a model now. Here are some of his recent modelling pictures:

2.Zeddie Little :

Ziddie Little also known as the religiously photogenic guy, became his after this picture of him went viral on the Internet. He was running for a marathon while someone clicked this random picture of him and in no time, he stole every girl’s heart.

3. Irvin Randle:

Irvin Randle is from Texas, he became a hit on social media when his uber cool pictures started catching eyes on the internet. He became famous as Mr.Steal Your Grandma. Here are some of his uber cool photos:

4. Pietro Bosselli:

Pietro Bosselli was a maths teacher, he became hit on the Internet when one of his students clicked his picture while he was giving lecture. The teacher had a very successful modelling career. He became the hottest math teacher alive on this planet. Here are some of his modelling pictures :

5.Lee Minwei :

Lee Minwei is a 22-year-old airport officer in Singapore who went hit for his incredible good looks. His images were all over the internet.

6. Jeremy Meeks:

He was popularly known as the “Mugshot guy”, he got arrested and was sentenced for 2 years in prison when his stunning picture became viral on the internet.His blue eyes and chiseled jawline made girl crazy for him. He later entered the modelling world when an agency roped him in.

7. Sarah Seawright :

She had a similar story. She was another “mugshot” prisoner, who became hit for good looks. Her fans gave her the name “Prison bae”.

8. Omar Borkan Al Gala:

This guy has a very unique and interesting story, he was deported from Saudi Arabia because of having amazing looks. Yes you read that right but he became an internet sensation because of the same reason.

9. Priya Prakash Varrier:

Priya Prakash Varrier has taken over the internet for the last two days. She is making her acting debut with a Malayalam movie “Odu Adaar Love”. Yesterday her first song was release from the movie, her expressions stole every guy’s heart and she became hit in no time and since then her pictures are making rounds on the internet.

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