Today is the 68th birthday of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and according to reports, he will be flying to Varanasi to celebrate his birthday. However, when it comes to flying (-read traveling), our PM Modi is always making news for his sudden visits to foreign lands.

Although, he is criticized a lot for his traveling but today India has the strongest foreign relations than it ever had. He has traveled to Australia, China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Fiji, Vietnam, South Korea, Laos and Singapore in a bid good relation in the Easter part of the world.


PM Modi is a powerhouse of talent. On his visits, he is always seen donning the traditional looks of the foreign lands he is visiting. He has always made it to headlines because of his dressing sense.

Here, in this article we bring you a few images from PM Modi’s foreign visits that are so stylish that actually proves that PM Modi is the most stylish Prime Minister of India. Have a look at the pictures :

  1. The brightest shinning star :

2. The coolest look :

3. The classic look :

4. The Naga Warrior costume, doesn’t he look so adorable in this one? :

5. Is it a crown? Not sure but he definitely is the king :

6. Hat-trick :

7. Golden Gaze :

8. Love for Turbans :

9. Cutest Mongolian Style:10. He surely has a thing for hats :

Here’s wishing the most stylish Prime Minister of India, a very Happy Birthday!

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