Hoax Alert! The Truth Behind The ’50 Surgeries’ Of This Girl


Teenage Iranian girl, Sahar Tabar, was in the news last few weeks for supposedly going under the knife for 50 times to look like Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. We all saw her Instagram pics which were horrifying.

The news got spread on different social media platforms like a wildfire and everyone was talking about her unique obsession.


Some called her a zombie, some criticized her for playing with nature and not accepting herself the way she was while some called it pure Photoshop or prosthetics.


Sahar made her Instagram private after all the criticism came her way. She was terrified of being judged worldwide. But finally she has opened up about her transformation to Russian news outlet, Sputnik.

سادگيم نابه????????????????❤️

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She revealed the truth about her transformation and it was clear that the rumor of fifty surgeries were completely fake.

She accepted the fact that she uses Photoshop and makeup, to look this way on the social media.

قبل عمل نابه????????❤️????

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She even paints her face in funny way to express herself and went on to say that her fans know the truth about her art. It was interesting to know that she never intended to look like Angelina Jolie or it is not inspired by the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton’s movie.

However, the news of surgery is partially true as she did go under the knife to enhance her features. She opted for nose, enlarged lips, and liposuction and finds nothing wrong about that as many people go for these operations worldwide.

قديمي ولي ناب????????????

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She also said that the news of her dropping 40 kilograms to look like the actress is completely fake. She is now 54 kilograms and while she has dropped a few kilograms, it is not that rumored insane amount.

She lives a normal life and she doesn’t want to be judged for her life choices. We were all fooled by her pictures but the reality is finally out. Her weird looks won’t give you nightmares anymore.