The List Of Most Wealthy Countries In The World Is Out. And India’s Position Will Make You Proud


Here, we bring you a little relief from all the problems our country is facing right now. It’s a good news. According to the latest study by New World Wealth, India is among the Top Wealthiest Countries of 2017.


As per the report, India has $8230 Billions in 2017, which makes our country stand on the 6th position in the list of Top Wealthiest Countries of India.

India has moved from the mark of $6,584 Billions to $8,230 Billions. India has performed it’s best in the year 2017 as the growth in wealth was increased by 25%.


Coming back to the rank of wealthiest countries, USA topped the list with $64,584 Billions, followed by China with $24,820 Billions , Japan with $19,522 Billions, UK with $9,919 Billions and Germany with $9,660 Billions.

The reports were based on the private wealth by all the individuals living in each country. The private wealth of an individual included all their assets such as property, cash, equities, business interests after subtracting all the liabilities. However, the report doesn’t includes the funds of government.

In the last decade, India has shown a great growth. From the year 2007 to 2017 India’s total wealth increased from $3,165 Billions to $8,230 Billions which means India grew 160% in the last decade.

Apart from this, the report also revealed that India has 3,30,400 High net worth individuals which makes our country stand on the 9th rank in the world. Along with that India has 20,730 multi-millionaires which makes India stand on the 7th largest number.

In India, there are 119 resident billionaires which is among the top three countries after China and the USA.

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