The List Of Most Polluted Cities Of India Is Out And These Are Not Good Signs


As far as air pollution is concerned,India is going through a very dark phase. Delhi, the capital city and it’s surroundings have already seen the consequences and bad effects and it is still getting worst and is now extending to the whole country.


Greenpeace has come up with their annual report of 280 Indian cities on the basis of their quality of Air. And to your surprise, the results are very scary.

Among the 280 cities that were examined, none of them has passed the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO) for air pollution. The guidelines of WHO says that the PM10 should not exceed 20 micrograms per cubic meter.

And the more horrible fact was, only 52 cities were able to pass the guidelines set by Indian government, rest all of them failed. The guidelines of Indian government for air pollution says that PM10 should not exceed 60 micrograms per cubic meter.

While South India is the least polluted , on the other hand, UP and Delhi are the most polluted states in India.

Going by the cities, the least polluted cities are Meghalya and Karnatka’s Hassan & Pathanamthitta and the most polluted cities are Faridabad and Delhi.

It’s no secret that the condition is terrible now and nothing is done now, it will get more worst in the coming time.

Here, have a look at the complete chart:

The most polluted cities:

The least polluted cities:

Well, it’s time that we stop talking about it and take action now. It’s time that we think and find solutions to stop this increasing pollution.


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