Cars Used By Most Powerful People Of The World


Heads of states are the most powerful people in the world and their cars match their status. They are extremely influential and mighty rich. Their importance of their position surrounds a veil of mystique and glamour around them. Super cars are used to make their transport smooth and safe. These vehicles are a symbol of their prestige.

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A huge security concern is always associated with the heads of states. For this reason only the best cars manufactured by the reputed car making companies are used for their transportation purpose. These cars are usually personally modified for their comfort and equipped with state of the art accessories.


Comfort, safety and entertainment for the VVIP passenger are taken care of while making these super cars. Here is a list of most expensive official state cars used all over the world.

Bentley State Limousine


British car makers Bentley created this car on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s golden jubilee. This car is custom made for the royal Queen of England. Made in 2002, the roof of the car was custom made so high that the Queen can maintain her dignified posture while stepping out of it.

The state of the art design ensures that the doors of the car open at 90 degree which allows her to walk directly out of the car. The value of the car is $15,167,500.

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Cadillac One

Priced at $1,500,000, the Cadillac One was built for the use of president Obama. The car is nicknamed ‘The Beast’ because of it’s 18 inch long design with eight inch thick armour plating on the doors which makes the car weight 8 tons. The car is completely bullet and blast proof and can stop an IED explosion.

It also has blood of the same group of the president. The car is equipped with night vision system. Every driver of the car is a trained professional CIA agent who protect the president at all cost.

Hongqi Limousine

This car is made by Chinese car makers Hongqi. They are quite popular in communist china. The term ‘Hongqi’ means red flag. The car is built for the Chinese head of the states and is 18 feet long, 6.5 feet wide and weights 3512 kilograms.

It is superfast and can go 0-100 kilometers in just over eight seconds. The car is priced at $801,624.

Mercedes- Benz M class

This car is custom made for the pope, the head of the state of the Vatican. The car has armoured glass compartment which allows him to meet his followers publicly without any safety threat. According to sources the price of this car stands at $524,990.

Maybach 62 Limousine: This car was the transport of choice for the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej of the royal Thai family. The car is completely safe and it is equipped with accessories like wine chiller and a refrigerator. This car is priced at $500,000.

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Jaguar XJ Sentinel

Priced at $455,025 , this car is used by the prime minister of the United Kingdom. It has features like titanium body, night vision and bullet proof body which makes it look like a car from the Bond movies. For safety purposes, the body of the car has been built with Kevlar and high-strength steel. The car has various amenities like message for the head of the state.

Mercedes S Class Limousine

This car is custom built for the Russian president and is priced at $251,417. While making this car, nuanced attention has gone into making it the safest car possible. It is equipped with run flat tyres, which allows the car to move at the speed of 80 kmph for 30 kilometers even if the tyres are punctured.

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Mercedes Benz W221

Philippine Presidents have always travelled in the custom made cars of Mercedes which were custom made for them. They travel in bulletproof and armoured cars, with license plate number ‘1’  and the country flag. Mercedes- Benz W221 is one of the most widely used cars for this purpose. It costs $250,547 in the market. However newly elected president likes to use personal pickup trucks more for his official purposes.

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Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard

The president of India travels in this bomb and bullet proof highly customized car from Mercedes. It has thicker armour than all other version of the Pullman available in the market and it also includes a rear surveillance camera to prevent ambush. The car is grenade proof. Not only safe, this car has a luxurious inside built which enables the president to listen to music or watch any movie. The price of the car is estimated around $180,000.

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