Sunny Leone Gives A Brilliant Reply To Mass Suicide Threats Against Her New Year Show


There was a huge hullabaloo over Sunny Leone’s New Year Show in Bangalore. Last year Bangalore was shammed for incidents like female molestation at New Year Bash and to avoid such incidents this year, Sunny Leone’s show is facing protests.

Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sena thinks that Sunny Leone’s show will encourage such activities more and they demanded cancellation of the show.


As per India Today, the president of the group said that if the show is not cancelled, they will commit mass suicide.


He said-  “ We are against Sunny wearing clothes. If she wears saree and takes part in the event, even we’ll go and watch her. Sunny doesn’t have a good past. We shouldn’t be encouraging such people. We will not hesitate to commit suicide on December 31.”

Bangalore Police also joined and encouraged the cancellation of the show. Since so much has happened, even Sunny Leone herself has decided to book out and cancel the show.

Sunny even took to Twitter and announced that she will not attend the show in Bangalore. She wrote- Since the Police of Bangalore have publicly said that they will not be able to ensure mine and all who attend safety for my New Year event, my team & I feel, safety of the people should always come first therefore I cannot attend. God bless and I wish everyone a safe & Happy New Year!.

In one more tweet, she wrote-

To all those who protested and to all those who supported, always remember, never allow others to speak and choose for you. Have your own voice and make your own choices. You are the youth and you are the NEW INDIA! Stand Proud and Stand Together. I love you all dearly!

Don’t worry there are just bunch of people who are against this is not India. Keep up the hard work…God bless Nisha and Family, Wishing you and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.

“Shameful that you guys criticize law and order in UP but can’t even manage an event in Bangalore. Choro yeh double standards & get your act together on this one..”

The Twitterati soon came out to her support and some big personalities were there to support and appreciate Sunny. Everyone now, is criticizing police and government for proving themselves this weak.

Few of the tweets by the commoners are: