Sunil Gave An Unexpected Reaction When Asked About Kapil’s Upcoming Movie


One of the most important duties of the media is to spread news of people’s scandals and also to put in focus the conflicts among various celebrities and the public seems to be quite exciting about it.

The celebrities too, are never tired of expressing their persisting bitter feelings towards each other and that people become more entertained seeing these reactions.


But people often forget that there is something called ethics and they should allow people to lead normal life. One should not instigate one about their personal conflict. This may ;lead to many bitter consequences although many people find this to be very pleasurable and enjoyable.


By the time, there is hardly any person who does not know about the till between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. In fact, the latter decided to quit Kapil’s show because of this.

Although on the demands of the fans and apology of Kapil, Sunil did not return to the show again. However, this has been quite a long time and everyone seems to have forgotten about this by now. Although people sometimes miss their show and performance.

Recently this incident was again ignited. Kapil Sharma was promoting his upcoming movie Firangi and when asked about Grover, he gave hints that both of them might come back together for the show.

But when Sunil was asked the same question at the celebration of 10th anniversary of Viacom 18 by a reported, he simply avoided the question as if he had not heard it. He did not showmany interest at all regarding any affairs of Kapil. He simply sent good wishes and thanked others before leaving. His reactions show that he is not at all happy about being asked that question.

Also, this made it quite clear that such things can be causes of major awkwardness and embarrassment to others.

It seems that the ice between these two is never going to break and the audience should not hoope for seeing the two of them sharing the screen as of now.

Also, it would be better to stay away from their personal life and strife as they too feel irritated at times. But let us for the time being hope that good times are going to come and the two of them would keep us laughing with their wonderful comedies.

Sunil Grover’s FUNNY Reaction On Kapil Sharma’s Firangi Movie

Sunil Grover's Reaction When Asked About Kapil sharma's Film Firangi!

Posted by Movie Talkies on 18 ನವೆಂಬರ್ 2017