Sridevi’s life would come to such an abrupt end is something none of us ever imagined. Ever since the news of her shocking demise in Dubai has surfaced, her family is wrapped in misery and the industry has come to a standstill.


At first, it seemed a natural death for cardiac arrest was initially cited as the reason. Then as forensic formalities were completed, heart attack came out to be the cause and now finally the closure report says that she died due to accidental drowning. Her body was brought to Mumbai yesterday and today her cremation ceremonies went underway.

Sridevi’s demise has left all her family members and her friends in a state of shock. No one is ready to accept the fact that the ‘Chandni’ of Bollywood has now sulked in heaven. Her friend Pinky Reddy too is shocked and shattered having lost a sister like friend in Sridevi.


Sridevi’s friend, Pinky Reddy has revealed about the last exchange of words between these two which happened over a phone call. Here is what Pinky Reddy revealed about her last conversation with Sridevi.

“I have lost a sister. It (Her demise) is shocking. We are devastated. I spoke to her the day she was leaving for Dubai. She was down with fever and was on antibiotics. She was feeling tired, but she said that she has to go to the wedding.”

She further slammed the speculations and rumours about Sridevi’s death. Here is what she said

“It hurts me that people are making her death into a joke. The messages (being circulated) make me angry. People are saying that she underwent liposuction and took fat burners. Why can’t people remember the good things about her instead of talking about all this? After she has gone, how can they even utter such mean and vile things? I spoke to Boney yesterday, he is shattered. They were such a lovey dovey couple. I doubt if they ever had fights. They were in love and were so happy together. Such things shouldn’t be said at such an unfortunate time