Sonam Kapoor Wished Fawad Khan On His Birthday And Got Trolled Badly By Twitterati


Sonam Kapoor had an unpleasant experience on micro blogging platform after she was trolled because she wrote a birthday wish for Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. Celebrities nowadays are always in the public eye for their activities thanks to social media and in this instance she was unfairly criticized for a simple birthday wish.


She was called unpatriotic for interacting with the Pakistani actor on Twitter. Many wait online for any such activity from celebrities and start criticizing them by replying to their tweets. Fawad Khan was Sonam’s costar in their movie ‘Khoobsurat’.


They have been good friends since then. She posted a picture of herself with the actor and added a caption to it. She wished him joy and happiness on his special day. However, this innocent tweet didn’t go well with many so called patriotic Indians on Twitter.

They condemned this post saying that wishing a Pakistani actor won’t be tolerated. It is a well-known fact that India and Pakistan have many unresolved issues between them. These haters said that after the horrific events such as Mumbai attack and Pathankot, all communication with Pakistanis should be abandoned.

They even advised her to go to Pakistan is she likes Pakistani citizens so much. Some even went on to say that the Indian actress is antinational. Some assumed that she has no sympathy for the dead Indian soldiers and said she deserves no respect. She was also advised to get married to him and sty under a black cloak. The actress is yet to respond to these accusations.

Here are some twitter reactions: