Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife Faced A Big Issue On The Way To South Africa. Batsman Sent Out Angry Tweets


Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan recently had a bitter experience with Fly Emirates. Families of Indian cricketers have joined them in Cape Town but Shikhar is unfortunate enough to miss his wife and kids. The cricketer has slammed Emirates for their poor handling of the matter.


Currently entire Indian cricket team is in Cape Town for facing South Africa. Families of the cricketers have been given the permission to accompany the stars there. Virat and Anushka recently tied the knot and Anushka is with her husband in Cape Town right now.

Everyone first travelled to Dubai and after that they were supposed to go to South Africa. However, Shikhar had the worst travel experience this time. His wife and son were not allowed to board the flight as they didn’t have the required documentations. His wife and children are left stranded at the Dubai airport as they didn’t have birth certificate of his son Zoravar.

The authorities of Emirates are very strict regarding this and they don’t allow newborns on the flight with our proper birth certificates. The family of the cricketer was unaware of this rule and they didn’t bring the proper document with them.

As a result, Shikhar had to leave them behind in Dubai as they await the documents to arrive now. Shikhar has already reached Cape Town and he is furious about this unfortunate event. He took to twitter to complain about his situation.

He accused employees of Emirates to be unprofessional and said that that they should have informed him about this rule when they boarded the plane in Mumbai. It is impossible for him to produce those documents and certificates of his kids at the airport.

He went on to say that an employee of Emirates was being rude to his family for no reason. He described the current situation of his family who are stuck in the Dubai airport. We feel sorry for poor Shikhar.

It is so unfortunate that he had to experience this. We hope that his family can join him soon in Cape Town.