Shashi Tharoor, the man of words, well a lot of heavy words we should say. The congress MP is very popular among the youngsters for his ginormous vocabulary. From his tweets to his interviews, Shashi Tharoor never fails to blow our minds with his impeccable vocabulary.


Infact, Amul company, the topical marketing God came up with an outstanding word to describe Shashi Tharoor, “Tharooraurus”.

Shashi Tharoor is currently serving as the Member of Parliament.


While he is known for having an outstanding command over the English language everyone used to doubt him for his command on the mother language, i.e, Hindi.

But who knew that Shashi Tharoor is good with Hindi too. No, we are not joking. Recently, Shashi Tharoor took a hindi vocabulary test and proved everyone wrong.

Shashi Tharoor uploaded a video on his Facebook page where he can be seen answering in Hindi. Although, he did fail to answer a few questions but he won the hearts of people.

His answers not just showed us his Hindi vocabulary but also his witty side, which is also very popular. His answers were witty and funny. When the host asked him ‘What jumla (empty promises) means?’ he replied.“A jumla is what Mr Amit Shah and Mr Narendra Modi did to the nation in a series of speeches four years ago.”

Here’s the video he posted:

Hindi Vocabulary Test

Posted by Shashi Tharoor on 10 ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 2018

Doesn’t the words like pappad, gamini, gulcharre, look good coming out of his mouth. Well call us crazy, but we are very impressed by Shashi Tharoor because of this video.

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