Mohammad Shami’s life has been turned upside down and that too, by his own wife. His wife has accused him for many allegations including, domestic violence, having multiple extra-marital affairs at the same time, attempt to murder, and match-fixing.

Although, the investigations are still going on and everyone is still to discover who is right and who is guilty. However, on one side Hasin Jahan has been knocking big hits in terms of allegations, a new twist gets added to the horrible tale of Indian Cricketer Mohammad Shami but on the other side, Mohammad Shami has refused to all the allegations made by his wife.

Several days after the news went viral, a video of a man claiming to be Hasin Jahan’s husband caught everyone’s eye. While everyone was speculating if the man is Hasin Jahan’s first husband or not, Mohammad Shami has came out in open and talk about this mess.


Mohammad Shami in an interview with a leading media, said:

“हसीन जहां हमेशा से शक्की थी और आरोप लगाना उनका शौक है। हसीन को दुबई में मेरी हर गतिविधि की सूचना थी। मेरे पास सबूत के तौर पर वाट्सएप मैसेज हैं।”

Which roughly translated into:

“Hasin Jahan has a doubting nature and she has a habit of blaming me. Hasin was aware of my every activity that took place with my while I staying in Dubai. I even have a proof of this in the form of whatsapp chat.” 

Shami told the media people,

“हसीन ने उनसे दुबई से डायमंड और गोल्ड मंगवाए थे। मैंने हसीन को सप्राइज देने के लिए वीजा लगवाया। कोई मेरी पत्नी को भड़का रहा है। मुझे हसीन के तलाकशुदा होने का पता शादी के बाद चला। मैंने उनकी बेटियों का ख्याल तक रखा।”

Which roughly translates into:

Hasin asked me to buy her diamonds and gold from Dubai. I applied for visa to surprise her. Someone is provoking her against me. I got to about Hasin’s divorce after our marriage. I even took care of her daughters.”

He added:

“हसीन पर मैंने सालभर में डेढ़ करोड़ खर्चे कर दिए। वह मेरे कार्ड से शॉपिंग करती थीं। मैंने हमेशा परिवार की जिम्मेदारियां निभाई हैं। अगर मैं गुनहगार साबित हुआ तो मुझे फांसी पर लटका देना।”

Which roughly translates into:

I have spent 1.5 crores on Hasin in one year. She used to do shopping from my card. I have always fulfilled my responsibilities towards my family. If they prove me guilty, hang me to death.”

The case of Mohammad Shami is getting uglier day by day. We wish this case get solved very soon.

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