Shah Rukh Khan Was Asked If Will Do Movies Like Akshay Kumar. He Gave A Brilliant Reply


Behind the fame and stardom of our favorite Bollywood celebrities, the biggest credit goes to the type of movies they do. While Salman Khan mostly do action movies now on the other hand King Khan is famous for his romantic movies.


Everyone has their own ways, own preferences of selecting a movie or script, but our King Khan says it’s not him who selects movies or go in search of a particular type of movie.


The King Khan of Bollywood says that every artiste has their own method of selecting a movie but he believes that it is the movies that choose him and not vice versa.

Shah Rukh Khan was asked that if he too would like to work on social movies or movies promoting various campaigns like Akshay Kumar’s “Toilet: Ek Prem Kathaa”, he said:

“Everybody has their own system of doing a film, why they do, how they do. I feel a film. I don’t go searching for a film. I have been a producer for 15 years, I have never produced a film that I think I should do. I think films choose me.”

Shah Rukh Khan also expressed his thoughts about social awareness movies and further added that even if the movie is a social awareness or message driven movie it still needs to be entertaining so that it can strike a cord and is able to connect with the audience:

“Sometimes they (films) go wonderfully right, sometimes they go fantastically bad and I am ok with it. If I don’t keep that part of my life fluid, whatever level of artistic, I can’t wake up every morning and keep on acting.” “I can’t do it (acting) as a job, I am not saying others are doing it. Different strokes for different folks.”

Like always, King Khan has the most appropriate things to say about everything and we can’t agree more with his opinions.

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