Salman’s Mother Chooses Her Favourite Contestant Whom She Wants To Lift The Trophy


With the Finale of Big Boss XI coming to an end, there is paramount excitement among fans to find out the winner. Besides this excitement, there are also a lot of speculations being made about the winner of Big Boss season XI and everyone is busy choosing their favorite picks.


The mother of Big Boss’ dashing host, Salman Khan has also revealed her favorite contestant. Salman Khan’s mother, Salma Khan revealed her favorite character who should win the Big Boss Trophy along with a cash prize of 50 Lakhs. Any guesses about her favorite pick?

Now the Big Boss season XI battle has narrowed down to just 4 contestants after Akash Dadlani got evicted from the controversial show. Now the Finale of 14th January would be between Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma. Salma Khan revealed that according to her it’s Shilpa Shinde who should win the show.


As per a source

“Salma Khan is really impressed with Shilpa Shinde, she wants her to take the trophy home”

Along with the Big Boss season eleven’s trophy, the winner would also be winning a huge cash prize of 50 Lakhs. The winner would be revealed on January 14 and it seems like Shilpa Shinde is everyone’s favorite and most likely to lift the trophy along with the fat paycheque.

Now this coming for Salman’s mother is a big news for the fans of Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa Shinde is one of the strongest contenders on the show and also enjoys a great support from her fans. Recently she defeated Hina Khan badly during a live voting event at a Mall and she has proved her worth and fan following hence.

Now the entire nation is waiting for the finale to know who among Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, and Puneesh Sharma will win the show. With the finale, the much controversial season of the very controversial TV show would come to an end.