The Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan has a huge fan following, not just in India but across the globe. Salman Khan is the superstar of Box Office, as every movie he does never fails to earn a huge amount of money.


Time and again the fans of Salman Khan have proved that they are the craziest fans any star could have. From bashing people online to doing crazy things no one can even imagine, these fans of Salman Khan never fails to blow our minds away.

Recently, a crazy fangirl of Salman Khan did something that blow our minds away and put every other incident into shame.

A female fan of Salman Khan entered his apartment without his permission and tried to commit suicide. Yes, this isn’t a joke, the girl literally made a scene in his apartments, when she tried to kill herself, shouting “Salman is my husband”.

According to sources, a few days ago, a girl entered Salman Khan’s galaxy apartments at 12:30pm but with 4 iron rods. Although, there’s a tight security outside Salman Khan’s house, usually but that day one of the guard was at leave and the other guard was new and mistakenly allowed the girl to enter the apartments.

The girl went straight to the terrace after knocking Salman Khan’s door, but as soon as the cook opened the door, the girl started shouting “Salman Khan is my husband.”

Later on fire brigade was called to save the female fan from taking wrong actions and to save her life.

Salman Khan’s fans, we told you are the craziest.

The Sultan of Bollywood is currently shooting for Race 3 with Jacqueline and like his every movie, this movie is all set to be released this Eid.

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