Salman Khan Said That His Body Is Like A Diesel Engine And Anand Mahindra Gave A Hilarious Reply


Salman Khan is, arguably, the biggest movie star in India at the moment. In the last 5 years or so, he has taken his popularity to a new level altogether and established himself as the number 1 actor of Bollywood.


His last 11 movies have been all blockbusters and, in fact, Mr. Khan has set a new box-office record of giving 11 consecutive 100+ crore movies. Before the release of Dabangg, Salman Khan was going through a very lean patch in his career but he fought hard and kept the love and support of his fans alive.


Many film pundits in India say that if we talk only about audience in India, no other Bollywood star can match the popularity of Salman Khan in terms of fans. His fans are present in huge numbers in every state of India and they like to call him ‘Bhai’ or ‘Bhaijaan’.

Salman Khan is also a huge fitness freak and he works very hard on his body. Many of you would agree that when it comes to bodybuilding trend in Bollywood, Salman Khan has played a big role. He was one of the first few Bollywood actors who took off his shirt and showed off his abs and big muscles.

Recently, Salman Khan gave an interview to Mid-Day and he was asked how he manages to do so much work and action at the age of 52.


Commenting on the same, Salman Khan said, “I can’t do handstands, or put my body upside down. But, apart from that, I can easily pull off quick movements, like forward and back somersault, or floor rolls. My body is like a diesel engine, ek baar garam ho gaya toh chalta rahega.”

“There was a spree of romantic films in my career, and I realized I was getting lethargic. I wanted to be part of films that would take my fitness to the next level. So, whether I need to work out excessively to look hefty, gain weight, or even lose it, I am game. Even though I am aware that this [fluctuation of weight] is harmful for the body, such roles are satisfying,” Salman Khan said.

Anand Mahindra, who is very active on, saw this line for Salman’s interview and sent out a very funny tweet. Check it out:

This is how Twitterati reacted: