One of the greatest mysteries of the B Town revolves around Salman Khan’s marriage. Everyone is keen to know as to when is Salman getting married. In almost every interview he is asked about his marriage plans but he always dodges it with grace. But now it seems like he’s been clean bowled by someone’s beauty.


Even at the age of 52, he is still one of the most eligible bachelors in the nation. He is still more handsome than any other youngster in the Bollywood and he still has girls drooling over his dashing looks. He is one of the most handsome actors across the globe.

There are rumors that Salman Khan might marry his alleged girlfriend, Lulia Vantur soon but Lulia sidelines any such possibility as a mere rumor. She said that she has a lot of respect for Salman and further added that things don’t always turn out like one expects them to be.



Much to the excitement of Salman Khan fans, it is likely that Salman can be seen dressed as a groom soon. It is a Tweet from Salman Khan which has made Twitter go berserk.

Here is the Tweet

Now this Tweet from Salman where he says he has found his girl has got Twitter going crazy. Soon after he posted this Tweet, there was a flood of comments and questions. Everyone is excited to know who this girl is and people are going crazy.

It seems like the biggest mystery of the decade is about to be unfurled and we might finally see Salman Khan getting married. Bhai ki shadi main poora desh naachega! We are all excited to find out who this girl is and we can’t keep calm!

Here is how Twitter responded in a crazy manner