Sachin Tendulkar Took A Bold Step Against The Man Who Harassed His Daughter Sara


The said 32-year-old man, Debkumar Maity, allegedly called her 20 times after being enamoured of her on seeing her on TV screen, while she was on the gallery meant for the audience at the pavilion, at a recent cricket match.


The accused, with a long history of mental instability, expressed his desire to marry her after this love at first sight. Sara, on the other hand, may be young, but is a lady to be reckoned with.

With iron-clad courage, she lodged a complaint at the Bandra police station, and police caught hold of the guilty.



 Debkumar Maity is a resident  of Mahishadal in the East Medinipur District of West Bengal. After being produced at the Haldia court on Sunday, as guilty of stalking and harassing a lady against her will, as well as threatening abduction to Sara Tendulkar, he will in all probability be taken back to Mumbai on transit remand,  on the very same day.

Although his extant family makes claim that he had even tortured his parents, and is undergoing psychiatric treatments for the past 8 years, the accused was intelligent enough to arrange for the landline number of Tendulkar’s house, and made twenty lewd calls to her, and out of desperation, had threatened to kidnap Sara Tendulkar if his demands of taking her as a bride was not met.

The Police have come across a diary from Debkumar’s house where the accused had proclaimed Sara as his wife. The relatives of the accused claim that he is renowned for his creativity and is a good painter. The mystery remains as to how Debkumar managed to get the cricket-icon Sachin Tendulkar’s home landline number.

It is sure to be investigated by the cops.There will also be a medical investigation to determine whether the said man is really a mentally unstable person or not.

The police managed to track the man by using the GPS tracking of the locations of nearby telephone towers, from where the accused made the calls to Sara.