Rishi Kapoor Insulted Journalists Badly At An Event And Twitterati Are Very Angry


Rishi Kapoor is one of the finest actors in Bollywood. Many say that he is the original ‘chocolate boy’ of the Hindi Film Industry and back in his days, women were crazy for him. But now Mr. Kapoor has aged and does ‘character’ based roles.


In the last few years, Mr. Rishi Kapoor has given some brilliant performances. His performance in Kapoor and Sons was praised by one and all and many fans believe that it is one of his finest performances on silver screen. But, off late, he has been in news mostly because of his activity on micro blogging website, Twitter.

On 14th December, Rishi Kapoor was in Delhi to attend the launch event of a book written on his father late Raj Kapoor, authored by his sister Ritu Nanda.


As per media reports, Rishi Kapoor, who is known for his short-temper, specially with journalist, insulted the media persons who were present during the event.

Mr. Kapoor demeaned media’s presence at the event and used insulting language while“addressing them.

Aap log kaun hain (Who are you guys?)” The journalists showed him their ID cards and the actor walked mumbling, “Muft ki daru”.

As per media reports, personal security person of Rishi Kapoor came and told these journalists to leave. He said: “Mr. Kapoor doesn’t want you guys here, please leave.”

Later, someone from the publishing team also came to know about the incident and he apologised to the journalists and requested them to return. However, the journalists refused and left the venue.

“You know how Rishi Kapoor is. He has created a scene at our hotel twice in the past,” security person was quoted as saying by rvcj.com. 

This is how Twitterati reacted: