Reporter In Pakistan Presents His Own Marriage As A Breaking News And Became A Sensation


In the modern era, anyone who is talented can become an internet sensation. All you need to do is upload a video to Youtube or Facebook. But have you ever heard about someone becoming a sensation after covering his own wedding as a journalist? Well, the world is a strangely fascinating place, isn’t it?


This is the story of a journalist who became a sensation after he covered his own wedding terming it as a breaking news. No matter how funny it may sound but this is absolutely true. Hanan Bhukhari from the channel named City 41 became an internets sensation after covering his own marriage. Quite a multi-talented groom we must say!


The reporter went about interviewing his father, mother, mother in law and even his would be wife. Facing the camera, Hanan Bhukhari said, “My family members and I are very happy today. Since it is a love marriage, my wife and her family are happy too. My parents here have gone to lengths and made arrangements to make this day come true.”

He further walked up to his wife and asked her how she feels about marrying him. The wife replied that she is glad that they are getting married to each other. She said that she is happy that her first wish has been completed by him and she hopes that he loves her and makes each wish of hers come true.

Here is the video

News Reporter Reporting on his own Marriage

Posted by People Of Pakistan on 4 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018



This is one bizarre incident. Is this what journalism has come down to? This is a crazy way to become a sensation. Share your views about your take on the entire episode. Twitter found this ‘breaking news’ really hilarious and can’t stop laughing about it. This is crazy indeed! You got to say, Insha Allah, The Journalist Played Well!