Remember The 2-Year Old Boy Who Smoked 40 Cigarettes A Day? He Has Changed And Looks Like This Now


Remember the Indonesian kid Aldi Rizal who used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day? His pictures went viral on the internet and he became a topic of discussion on social all across the world.


Numerous pictures and videos of Aldi Rizal smoking cigarettes on his bicycle had gone viral and many doctors had approached him family and offered medical advice and help.

Aldi Rizal hails from a poor village in Sumatra, Indonesia. His addiction had started when he was just 18 months old and his father gave him his first cigarette.

It is hard to explain why people found him cute when he used to smoke cigarettes, but they did. His villagers used to give his family money to buy cigarettes for him. Yes, they did.

Aldi Rizal quickly developed a huge appetite without the 40 cigarettes a day, eating fatty foods and consuming three cans of condensed milk each day.

But latest reports suggest that he has been able to get rid of his addiction with the help and support by the Indonesian government. Reportedly, after his videos and pictures went viral, the Indonesian government identified him as a special case and provided him special rehabilitation facilities. With their support, Aldi Rizal managed to quit smoking but fell into the addiction for food.

His mother, in an interview, had said that Aldi would bang his head on the wall for extra meals and found it was much harder to stop him getting his hands on more food.

But, slowly, as he joined school, his mother started reducing portion of his meals. He also controlled his appetite because other kids in the school used to make fun of him. His family also took help from professional nutritionist which proved to be of a great help for Aldi.