How much we all wanted the character of Amir Khan in 3 idiots to be real? Many people had idea how he was playing while others appreciated the character. Yes, the character is 100% real and the portrayal was on point as well.

Sonam Wangchuk is the man who was been played in 3 idiots and he is much capable in real life than portrayed! Looking at his successful story you will feel proud that he is Indian and has done so many things for schools of Ladakh.


Recently he was the guest on KBC and Amitabh introduced this isolated man to the world. Everyone had their eye on him as he was the loved character of 3 idiots and wanted to know more about him. Yes he worked for schools in Ladakh when the passing rate of 10th  was 5% in 2000. But it gradually increased with his presence of mind and unstoppable attempts for the students.


In 2010, the per cent went up to 55, and 75 in 2015. All because of Sonam’s attempts and efforts. But he still believes that the condition of Government schools is worse than sub-Saharan African Schools, but he wants it to change which is definite to happen with him on Government school’s side.

Not only this but he also runs a school SECMOL about which he described on KBC. When everyone considers that once a failure is always a failure, this school accepts those students with warm hugs. They teach them personal practical lessons so that the concepts become much easier for them to learn and use in their life. Sonam believes that students should become job makers rather than job seekers! And his venture for the same is very strong. His efforts are countless for it.

Sonam did not come alone on KBC but his former student who is also a Journalist came by his master. With each other’s help they won 50 lacs. As always Sonam had planned where to invest this money, with the won prize, he would be interested in establishing Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, in which they will build an university, who will provide more of practical training to the current youth.

Sonam’s determination is what has brought him so far, it is always about a person’s start or an initiative. Sonam’s story has proved the same. And is a National role model for sure.HIAL will concentrate on giving assistance to mountain people who faces trouble for practical study or even for studies.

Let’s wish him good luck for his journey.