This Song Has More Than 10 Crore Views On Youtube. Way More Than Bollywood Songs


Rate Dia Butake Has More Than 10 Crore Views On Youtube: Bhojpuri films are always a great laughter riots for people who don’t live in Bihar and don’t understand the language. Thanks to social media, in the last few years, Bhojpuri songs and movies have gone viral on internet.


These days, in marriages and parties across India, we get to hear Bhojpuri songs because their music is very peppy and lively. One of the most famous Bhojpuri songs is ‘Lollipop laga lu’.

After Lollipop, there is one more Bhojpuri song that has gone absolutely viral on the internet. The leading platform for videos on the internet, Youtube has the largest library of music and other videos on the internet, has regigrested more than 10 crore views on ‘Rate Diya Butake’

From Youtube to Facebook, Rate Diya Butake has spread like fire on social media and other platforms. Famous Bhojpuri actress Amrapali has given an electrifying performance in the song and become a very popular figure not just in Bihar but across the nation.

So, here is the video of the song and next time you dance at a friend’s party, make sure all your friends know about this song, too. Trust, it electrifying.

Video: This Song Has More Than 10 Crore Views On Youtube