Ranveer Singh Gave An ‘Unexpected’ Reaction After Watching Padmaavat


After a lot of controversies, clouds of bans, violent protests, and bounties being announced for beheading the actors of the film, Padmavati (renamed as Padmavati) finally took the silver screen today amid beefed up security.

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The threats and the chances of violent protests have left cinema hall owners and the audience skeptical about the film. Ever since the special screening was conducted the reviews have seemed to pacify the Karni Sena and the Rajput community but they don’t seem convinced about it.

Those who have attended the special screening have reiterated the fact that the picture in no way puts the Rajputs in the bad light or rather it only glorifies the Rajput history and their pride. Even the filmmakers and the actors of the film attended the special screening.


The movie might have earned some accolades for Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor but it is Ranveer Singh who wins hearts and the maximum appreciation for his crazily epic performance as Allaudin Khilji. Ranveer is clearly the show stopper in Padmavat.

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Ranveer Singh Shares A Special Message After Watching The Film

Ranveer Singh who has delivered a stellar performance in the film had a special message to share after watching the film during the special screening.

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Here is the heartfelt message


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“I saw Padmaavat in 3D IMAX last night. I am so overwhelmed with the film at this point that words fail me. I feel immensely blessed. I am so proud of my team. TEAM PADMAAVAT for the win! High tens and monster hugs to everyone! I am relieved and happy with the reactions to my performance. Thank you all for your kind and generous praise. Sanjay Sir has given me a gift of a character that I will forever be indebted to him for in my life, more than I already am. You have shaped me into the artist that I am, Sir. I love you.

For me, the sheer toil of our film’s team has translated as magic on the big screen. And today on the eve of the release of our beloved film, I wish you all a Happy Republic Day in advance and invite you all to the cinema halls. I am proud to be part of a film that our whole country can be proud of. Jai Hind.”