Ram Gopal Verma ‘Proves’ That This Pronstar Is More Popular Than Modi And Ambani


Ram Gopal Verma is one of the most popular directors of Bollywood. In his long career, which is still going strong, Ram Gopal Verma (RGV) has made some brilliant movies. And, he has also made really bad ones, too.

These days, Ram Gopal Verma is in news for his next project. RGV is all set to make his ‘online’ debut with the upcoming, God, Sex And Truth, starring adult actress Mia Markova. RGV has said that it is a philosophical treatise on her life and times.

Ram Gopal Verma is making full use of his following on Twitter to promote God, Sex And Truth. There is a lot of curiosity among his followers and fans and RGV is keeping them busy and excited with regular posts on his Twitter profile.

Ram Gopal Verma also sent out a challenge to Sanjay Leela Bhansali by reminding him ‘God, Sex And Truth’ is also releasing on the same date and he even compared Mia to Deepika saying , the best woman should win at the box office.

He said that his intention in making this movie is to show Mia Markova’s nakedness in the most holiest manner and do aesthetic justice to each and every part of her body.

He also shared a picture of how different camera angles have been used in the movie to show Mia Markova’s body in never seen before angles.

He also compared Deepika’s ‘Padmaavat’ story to Mia’s ‘God, Sex And Truth’.

But RGV generated the best reaction when he put out a study mentioning how Mia Markoa is more popular than Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani.