Rakhi Sawant Reveals How Mika Singh ‘Troubled’ Her During A Kissing Scene


Kissing scenes have now become a regular feature of the Bollywood movies. Almost every movie captures this intimacy between lovers. But did you ever try to guess as to how many retakes a kissing scene takes?

Well, talking about Rakhi Sawant, the controversial lady of B Town took 55 retakes to shoot a kissing scene. Not just 55 retakes but the actress also had to drink half a bottle of liquor to shoot a kissing scene for an upcoming movie.


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In her upcoming film, Rakhi Sawant plays a drug addict but shooting the kiss scene turned out to be a big challenge for her. She has terrible memories from the past when it comes to kissing! Oh Yes! You got it absolutely right, we are indeed talking about the incident where she was forcefully kissed by Mika.

If the reports are to be believed then Rakhi Sawant actually took half a bottle of liquor and 55 retakes to shoot a kissing scene. She even narrated her ordeal later in an interview. Rakhi Sawant said

“While doing the scene I was, again and again, remembering Mika Singh. I could not forget that incident from my mind, I was scared. It seemed that someone is compelling me, taking advantage of me. I did not feel like I was acting in front of the camera. I was feeling that all this was happening to me again.” 

She further added

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“I was in tensed while shooting for this scene. I did not do this earlier, I was uncomfortable. I had to drink half bottle of alcohol. I did not know that the film also has kissing scenes but it was a demand for a character. When I refused to do the scenes, the makers said that we will teach you.”

Clearly, Rakhi Sawant is still not over the horrors of her past and Mika is the obvious reason. We hope the actress soon comes out of the clutches of the haunting past so that it does not hinder her future.